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Harmonic Health Club

New Earth Energy Enhancement for next-generation Wellness


Harmonic Health Club

Harmonic Health Club is your destination for Body / Mind / Spirit Wellness and Energy Enhancement. As a truly integrative facility, we offer a multi-dimensional approach to empowering YOU on your journey to health, happiness and optimal quality of life. If you are looking for next-generation options to help you overcome the wide array of New Earth physical/mental/spiritual and energetic challenges you are encountering at this historical time, please give us an opportunity to support you with one (or more!) of our many unique modalities. With a mission to serve, our goal is to help YOU Raise your Vibration and Amplify the Harmony in your life. Welcome to the Club – We’re glad you’re here!

Harmonic Health Club

Introducing…. Galactic Alchemy

HHC’s signature Integrative EE / Sound Therapy / Guided Mind/Soul Illumination Experience. In these one-of-a-kind 2 hour sessions inside the EE System Chamber of Miracles, immerse yourself inside a truly holistic Body/Mind/Spirit tune-up, featuring Quantum Frequency exploration, Pleiadian-influenced energy work with MetaForms precision tools and more… ALL takes place within our 5D Scalar-biophontonic Energy Enhancement field. These slots are ideal for those that want to take their experience beyond a (mostly silent) meditation, and into the deepest realms of Galactic Cosmic Consciousness. Imagine manifesting reality in this magical, mystical space of deep euphoric relaxation, where limitless and potent co-creation of best-case scenario outcomes are  possible, probable and encouraged… Be among the first in the world to experience this “Harmonic Health Club-Exclusive” wellness modality!!

Wednesdays  1pm – 3pm

Fridays 3pm – 5pm (Weekend Edition)

$144 / Session

CALL (913) 689-0662 for availability - Online Booking COMING SOON!

Announcing: Pleiadian Jazz – Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm through November 1

“… Transcendent, Transformative, Primal…” … “Powerfully blissful with rich and palpable  layering and depth, this sonic immersion drips with Ruach, and invokes the Breath of God…”  These are just some of the words being used to describe this experience.

You heard right, folks. This is far more than your average everyday sound bath. These signature sound therapy sessions will touch every emotion and help crack open the Matrix as you “drop in” for a musical conversation with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, E.T.’s and more…!

Experience intergalactic Sonic Magic enhanced with Bio-Scalar waves, Bio-Photons, and a dash of Cosmic Consciousness while soaking in the health-and-wellness-augmenting frequencies of the EE System. This Ultra-affordable, unique (…and fun!) session is hands-down the BEST WAY to sample our offering at the best-possible rate AND to affordably increase “CUMULATIVE TIME” within the powerful co-created portal divinely designed to help us manifest our wildest dreams.

$33 / Person (This session has a retail value of $311 – a savings of $278. This offer won’t be around forever; get in on this while it lasts…)

CALL (913) 689-0662 for availability - Online Booking COMING SOON!

Stay HAPPY and HEALTHY this Holiday season with
Twi-LIGHT Tuesday | 4pm – 8pm ONLY $49 / HOUR !!!

Are you interested in experiencing Kansas City’s only EE System AND receive an Uhhh-MAZING twilight discount? There’s NO better time for that than Tuesday afternoon / evening. Come share the Autumn / Winter sunset with us and enjoy these flexible and affordable session times. Let us be your Oasis of JOY and LIGHT this Holiday season! …CASH / VENMO preferred – Thank you!…

$49 / Hour

* Sleep-N-Heal Premium Upgrade – $11 / hour

CALL (913) 689-0662 for availability - Online Booking COMING SOON!


Experience the transformative potential of the Energy Enhancement System (EES), generating a diverse array of bio-active energy fields that can revolutionize multiple facets of your life. Among these remarkable energy fields is the renowned “scalar waves,” scientifically proven to stimulate cell rejuvenation, strengthen the immune system, alleviate discomfort, facilitate detoxification, uplift mood, and harmonize the brain’s hemispheres, ultimately leading to elevated energy levels and overall balance.



  • EE System
  • Harmonic Health Consultation
  • Metaphysical Mental Health Therapy
  • Galactic Alchemy (Public and Private sessions available!)
  • Family / Small Group Focused Intention Sessions (by appt. only)
  • Quantum Sonic Immersion w/ Chakra Balancing
  • Additional Themed Sessions

Tune In, Drop In, Tune UP

Feel The Best EESystem Experience